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Road Muscle Radio Episode #011 with Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire!

Show #011 has dropped! Brett and Catfish go the distance talking with Matt Farah, a career automotive journalist who has reviewed over 1,000 cars. And by reviewed, we mean gotten behind the wheel and put some real miles on those bad boys. From million-dollar-plus powerhouses, to clunkers that want to kill you, he's in the four figures on four wheels. Plus, we discuss his MIllion Mile Lexus, and what it takes to make a 1200 dollar used car with almost 900,000 miles on it reach the magic mill. Matt is also the host of the insanely popular "The Smoking Tire" podcast, which you can check out at Talking with him always a fun ride!

Your two road muscle-heads fill you in on how Cadillac's coming back, a secret meeting about airborne autos,some KC events for cooler weather, and the start of a three-part quick-hit series on storing your vehicle for the winter. Put the loud pedal to the metal, it's Road Muscle Radio!

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