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Episode #009 Road Muscle Radio with Corbin Goodwin

In this show, Brett and Mark chat with Corbin Goodwin, youtube phenom whose car customizing philosophy boils down to "Zero F**ks Given." Good natured, hilarious, skilled out the wazoo, and enjoying the Cali life, Corbin reminds us that even junked cars can be a blast with enough energy drink and Frankenstein's tool shop. Plus, Brett and Mark fill you in on their day, Saturday September 15, at the Ol Marais River Run car show n Ottawa, KS. This thing was AMAZING gathering over 2300 cars and trucks from 1972 and before all in one place. The show wraps up with a great list of events for you and your four-wheeled (or more) friend to check out. Crank up the loud, it's time for Road Muscle Radio!

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