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Episode #013 of Road Muscle Radio with Chris DiGanci

Brett and Catfish are both huge fans of Halloween, so this 13th episode, before the spookiest day of the year, delivers the goods with special guest Chris DiGanci, one of the founders of the National Hearse and Ambulance Association. Chris talks about how his poor impulse control and desire for strange rides has led to a decades-long love affair with hearses. Plus how to burn blocks-long rubber in a monster body buggy. The Road Muscle hosts also discuss the movement to carry on car culture, the growth of vehicle vending machines, and the money-anemia of a company building a 1000 mph car. Catfish wraps it with his most recent rust-night stand, when he went to check out a 1960 Chrysler Saratoga. Put the loud pedal to the metal, it's Road Muscle Radio.

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