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Episode #020 of Road Muscle Radio is on the streets!

In show #20 of Road Muscle Radio, Brett & Catfish chat about the top 3 cars they wish Santa would put in their garages (because only Santa could help them afford'em!), plus they share maybe the stupidest thing they've done with a that that statute of limitations has run out on such are-you-kidding-me youthful exuberance.

In news, they review the look of Chevy's new TRRRUUUUUUUUCK, plus talk about a brand new old Tucker on the way- one that's never been built before.

The show wraps up with another visit from Vreni Fernandez & Butcha Papon of Kansas City Automotive Museum, to talk about a freaky deaky display at the museum: The Manta Ray. It's amazing what a couple of 1950's aerospace engineers can do to a 1951 Studebaker when given spare time, spare money, spare parts, and some California dreamin'.

Road noise worth listening to. It's Road Muscle Radio.

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