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Driven Radio Show #16: Ped Watt of Watt Design Photography and Jonny Woodell of NOPW

Brett and Vern talk to motorsports photographer and friend of the show, Ped Watt, about their recent trip to McPherson College for the 20th Annual College Auto Restoration Students car show, and the killer after-show cookout. The guys have news about the next-generation C8 Corvette reveal and the advent of electric pickups. In Exit Lane Live, they talk to Jonny Wooddell, founder of the National Orange Popsicle Week about stroke awareness, and the NOPW event coming to The Fuel House. All this and much more on this episode of Driven Radio!

C8 Corvette debut news:


GM Electric truck articles:

Ped Watt/Watt Design Photograpy:

McPherson College, C.A.R.S. Club, and show article:[gallery29657]/0

National Orange Popsicle Week and events:

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