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Driven Radio Show #136: Ed Bolian of VINWiki and Car Trek

Brett, Mark, and Corey welcome special guest Ed Bolian to discuss driving a McLaren F1, the fifth season of Car Trek, the explosive success of VINWiki, and what its like to race a plane with a car. In the news, almost one-fifth of Cadillac dealers balk at the future of electric cars, Italian supercar manufacturers aren’t ready for an all-electric future either, and Porsche says “Grow up, you gas-powered sissies.” All this and much more on this week's Driven Radio Show!

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Motor Authority: Almost One-Fifth of Cadillac’s Dealerships Bail on the Brand’s Electric Future

Road & Track: Italy Wants to Protect Its Supercar Makers From a 2035 Internal Combustion Ban

The Drive: Porsche CEO Says Ferrari, Lamborghini Shouldn’t Be Exempt from EU Combustion Engine Ban

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