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Driven Radio Show #165: Chris Bright of Collector Part Exchange

Brett, Mark, and Corey welcome returning guest Chris Bright of Collector Part Exchange to discuss CPX's first year in business, expanding into interesting new areas, who their customers are, the success of their auctions, and what the future holds. In the news, Hagerty reminds us of car trivia you should know, Buick has a sleek new concept car, and Shelby American debuts a car that never was, but should have been. All this and much more in this week's Driven Radio Show!

Driven Radio Show

Collector Part Exchange

Collector Part Exchange Facebook

Hagerty: Ten Automotive Factoids You Should Never Forget

Hagerty: Buick Begins Electric Era with Wildcat Concept, New Logo

Road & Track: Carroll Shelby's Cobra Cammer Concept Comes to Life

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